of Hazardous Liquids

What does a S.T.U.D.E.

bring to you?

A safety and environmental protection review that:

  • Assists with compliance to fire codes and OSHA and EPA regulations

  • Reduces fire risks protecting both employees and companies

  • Increases environmental protection, supporting green initiatives

  • Avoids high costs of fines associated with non-compliance

  • Fulfills insurance carrier recommendations, reducing coverage costs

  • Improves housekeeping and operational efficiencies

    How does the S.T.U.D.E. program work?

A free, confidential, no-obligation survey of your facility is conducted by
a qualified Justrite
® representative who identifies potential hazards such as:

  • Non-compliant storage of fuels, solvents, chemicals

  • Unsafe transfer and usage of flammables

  • Lack of EPA required spill control equipment

  • Improper waste collection practices

  • Non-existent bonding and grounding procedures

    Specific recommendations are provided on the proper equipment needed to solve your safety issues, increase efficiencies, and improve your environmental footprint.

    To learn more contact your Justrite distributor or fill out the form on the back.

Are you
in compliance?

Fires are preventable